What you can do for us

At FairFX we take very seriously the importance of protecting your personal and financial information.

For reasons of security, please do not share your password with any other person. FairFX accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss arising out of third parties who have been informed of your password. We are committed to make sure all your transactions are secure and any personal or financial information given to us is protected. If you become concerned that your security or privacy has been compromised, please contact FairFX as soon as possible.

What we do for you

In order to maintain the security of your transactions, FairFX uses sophisticated security techniques. Key information if protected by encryption software. Credit card details are submitted directly to Visa/MasterCard via SSL encryption processes in accordance with accepted policies and procedures.

  • FairFX complies with appropriate rules and regulations relating to the acquisition, retention and use of any personal and financial information provided by you.
  • Any information you provide shall only be used for the purposes of your foreign currency requirements with FairFX.
  • FairFX complies with the principles of Data Protection as set out in the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • FairFX will use your personal or financial information to help FairFX to service your account, to develop FairFX's services to you, and to provide you with products you have requested. We shall not transfer your personal information to third parties without your prior consent, but FairFX may supply your personal information to payment providers and other parties for the purpose of facilitating transactions on your account.
  • Your personal information is used primarily as a way of authenticating you as the proper owner of your account and as the person to whom foreign currency is provided (either physically or electronically).
  • FairFX collects personal data relating to you directly from you when entering your details on the Website. In the event of any doubt as to the authenticity of your account details or of any withdrawal or collection issues, FairFX reserves the right to request further information as may be deemed appropriate under the circumstances.
  • FairFX may contact you from time to time to inform you of any development in its products or services. You may want to discontinue receiving information from FairFX. If you no longer wish to receive any information from FairFX relating to its products, promotions or services please email FairFX to the following address enquiries@fairfx.com.
  • Any changes to our privacy policy in the future will be posted on the site and, if appropriate, notified through e-mail announcements.

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